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Armenian Festival Zurich à l'occasion du 20e anniversaire de l'indépendance de l'Arménie
26-08-2011 et 27-08-2011  

Amazing Festival with over 15 artists from Armenia

for the occasion of

Armenia's 20 years of Independence

organized by

 Armenian Association of Zurich

www.hayastan.ch     info@hayastan.ch   Tel. 076 512 36 36

26. August - Üdiker Huus - Zürcherstrasse 61 IIIIII 8142 Uitikon
Openning with welcome speach of Embassy of Republic of Armenia in Switzerland
19:45 Presentation of the works of Agnes Avagyan and Mary Watcher accompanied with music Armenoids (live)
20:15 two short plays: „Game“ and „Chair“ 21:15 break with Apéro-drink 21:45 long theater play:: Ardalion

AGNES AVAGYAN Agnes Avagyan graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan in 2005. She became
famous as a political caricaturist and illustrator of children?s and youth books. Pictures and additional information about
her can be found on her website www.AgnesAvagyan.com. Agnes exhibits oil paintings of Armenian churches as well
as cartoons about her country. The artist also presents her well-known caricatures about the Armenian Genocide.
Agnes will demonstrate her Two Hand Show, during which she will paint with both hands simultaneously and
independent from each other. She has been registered in Russian Book of Records for this remarkable ability. Her
pictures will be available for purchase.

MARY WATCHER Young Armenian designer Mary D. Haroutyounyan with a wide vision for the world likes to try
herself in different areas one of which is photography. Inspired by the 365 poll, she is currently representing an
interesting style of portraits as well as nature shots. Her personal „project 365“ was already mentioned in an American
photo-studio blog, followed by a small solo exhibition of her photo-works in her motherland. Her works have been
published amongst others in the renowned Web Design Index by Content.For More Info visit: www.watcher.am

YEREVAN STATE PANTOMIME THEATRE The Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre was established as professional
group since 1960s. The Group was invited to carry out their talent by performing in the former Soviet Union, as well as in
many other foreign countries. The theatrical group has the following performance in their chronicle: “Day-dream”,
“Metamorphosis”, “Game”, “How to Paint a Bird”, “Flowers of Evil”,“Flight”, „Chair“, „Ardalion“.Art Director: Zhirayr Dadasyan

27. August - Volkshaus White Hall - Stauffacherstrasse 60 - 8004 Zurich

20:00 Door opening

20:30 Armenoids Live Concert 22:00 Armenoids mix

23.30 - open end: Euro Hay Disco with DJ Edgar Rostomyan (Armenoids)
THE ARMENOIDS Musical Group, Winners of „Best Group” category, at the national music awards ceremonies, held
inArmenia and United States. In addition, the group was assessed by the awards of the “Viewers Choice” and “Best
Musical Arrangements”. The music of the “Armenoid” musical group reflects both, the modern and the ancient rhythms,
inspired of the Armenian culture, its past and present. The group's musical inspiration resonate the historical heritage of
the Armenian people and their future aspiration. Their colourful musical performances have many shades of
contemporary and innovative tempo musicals, mixed with their artistic and inventive modern technology. Their music is
an inspiration for popular music, with tempo and nuance, bringing up the senses, a momentum of enchantment, taking
you under the spell of their musical performance.

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